Saturday, February 23, 2013

Black Cherry send goes down.

After coming so close last time I had to go back for the send. This was to be a dedicated trip for this one problem so I was super psyched for the climbing. Rob met me out there and we took advantage of the great conditions. Black Cherry is in the Orchard boulders part of the cascade boulders on the Black Raspberry boulder. After a couple of tries I stuck the 1st move and then spent a few more tries to put it all together. It is one of the best boulder problems in the Cascade boulders.
V2 warm-up

V2 warm-up

V2 warm-up
Rob trying the first move on Black Raspberry

Rob trying the first move on Black Raspberry

Rob trying the first move on Black Raspberry
Trying a V5 traverse

Trying a V5 traverse
Enjoy the video.

Black Cherry V6/7 FA from Tymun Abbott on Vimeo.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Back on the rock.

So many things can get in the way of climbing that some times it can be quite a while between trips to the crags. My life has been a crazy one for the past three months and I think cabin fever was at an all time high. Weighting for the weather to clear is frustrating this time of year for sure but it finally happened and I jumped at the chance to climb. My first thought was to hit Enola and climb some projects but since I had not climbed at all in 8 weeks and the snow level is low I thought better of that decision and headed for Cascade boulders instead. My friends and I went for the scree sloops and the boulders in them thinking that they would be dry first but this was not the case. The wind had dried off the boulders in the woods so I chose to warm up on the Cascade boulder. This boulder also had a project on it that I had not finished yet so I wanted to hit that as well.
Cascade Boulder
After getting in some warmups I sent BLT again just to make sure I had it in hand. BLT climbs the arete proper from a sit start. It is one of the best problems ever and a nice V4. The project line was to start on the V0 to the right and traverse low into BLT and then climb it to the top for a sustained V5. I had to work on the traverse beta but managed the send after a few tries.
Setup side pull on BLT

Left hand slopper crimp
Start on a right hand side pull and small pocket out right. Traverse left low to the start of BLT. Finish on BLT  to the top missing out on the small right hand crimp and using the sloopy pinch insted for full value. This make a great long problem that will get the blood flowing. Next it was off to the Neut boulder for some steep climbing.
Rob on the V0 warmup

Rob finishing the warmup
The real reason for this trip to this boulder was to see about the sit start to Salamander V3 which will make it a hard V6 and add 3 hard pulls to get in to the standing start holds. I came close but eight weeks off does not endurance make. Next time the send will happen for sure.
Getting ready at the base of Salamander Sit

Sticking the throw to the pocket.

Hard cross to side pull

Reset the feet and make a long left pull to a slooper
The problem ends with a big toss to the jug rail out right. Then it is just big moves and V3 to the top.
Staring left hand pinch which is very sloopy

Left hand slooper. This one is barley there at all.

Right hand starting crimp.

The pocket. Not to bad but not a jug.
After a good thrashing on the boulder and falling of the jug a couple of times we moved on to the Black Rasbeary boulder for some fun on the pockets and sloopers. Rob wanted to do some of the classics so we started on the steep pockets and headed for the steep arete next.
Rob on Thorn in my side V4

Rob on Thorn in my side V4

Rob on Thorn in my side V4

Rob on Thorn in my side V4

Rob on Thorn in my side V4
After sending Thorn in my side Rob pointed to a supper low side pull on the boulder below the lower bulge and wanted to know about it. I mentioned I had seen it down there but could not figure out how a problem would start off it. He sat down on the pad and felt the hold and was looking for a right hand hold when we noticed he could reach a right hand crimp way out right. He crimped hard and managed to just pull on for a moment and I just about lost it with excitement. I new right then we had just found an incredible line.
The left side pull that a hard throw gets you to.

The right hand corner becomes a left hand pinch 
Tired does not begin to tell how I was feeling at this point in the day but I had to try the new line anyway. I did manage to send the stand start but the sit was the real story and It would have to weight till next time.
Rob going to the first throw with his right hand on the small crimp.

Throw for the left hand pinch.
Black Cherry V6/7 was almost born today. Next trip it will go down for sure. I just hope the weather holds for next weekend so I can get back on it. I love climbing so much and I feel so much better now that there are some nice days hear and there. I hope you all get out as much as possible.