Friday, July 8, 2016

Tanner Creek: Beautiful hiking for the family.

Hiking in the Columbia river gorge is a great getaway from the city. In just minuets from the trail head you can feel like you are miles from anywhere. I have been taking trips into this wonderland for 40 years now. All this time I have thought about taking my kids there as soon as I can. On our recent trip Tanner creek was our destination.
Tanner Creek
The hike starts with a casual walk down a gravel road along Tanner creek. An old concrete weir signals the end of the road and the start of the trail. At this point is were you see and can touch your first falls right from the trail.
My daughter on the bridge over the side creek.
A beautiful waterfall right on the trail.
After this falls the trail starts up the east side of the canyon past flowers with the walls steepening on both sides.

The tall canyon walls.
When the first fork in the trail is reached going down hill will take you to a bridge over tanner creek.
My family heading over the bridge.
Views from the bridge are great as you can see up and down the canyon.
Tanner creek with moss and Cedar trees.
Tanner creek from the bridge.
At this point the trail heads a little up hill to the base of a very old slide. From this point you can get a sense of how tall the walls are in the canyon.
Family at the other end of the bridge.
A small falls in tanner creek.
The tall walls above the creek and the old slide the trail goes through.
Solomon seal on tanner creek.
Tanner creek
My brother and whats that in the lower right corner?
Just a couple more minutes down the trail you get your first views of tanner creek falls. Its a double drop and turn 90 degrees half way down.
Tanner Creek Falls.
The walls are covered in moss and when it is running with water the colors rely jump off the page.
Tanner canyon moss very wet.
The creek is very close and my youngest just had to take a closer look.
Maybe she is fishing.
More views of the beautiful falls keep on coming as you get closer and closer.
Tanner Creek Falls
Tanner Falls through the tree window.
The trail turns to head out and we saw lots of flowers as we headed for the trail head.
Trillium on tanner creek trail.
Heading for the car.
A beautiful show by nature.
Right before the end we had to stop and wait for a nice couple to finish taking some pictures.
Supper cool idea for sure. I wish them the best!
Only a short walk leads to the car but the views are still good. Get out and enjoy the outdoors and thanks for reading.
Mom and daughter on the trail.
Tanner Creek