Monday, April 8, 2013

Driving passed the injury

Some times we think the spring will never come. "When is it going to stop raining?" we ask our friends. Well; Saturday was that day and I was making the best of it on a boat out fishing. Fishing you ask; yes fishing and I love it. But since this is going to be about a day at the boulders, it is time to head for shore. I received a call from a friend that they were going to hit a new area and see what it what it was all about. Considering that I broke my ankle 3 weeks ago climbing was not an option but photo graphs were and the weather rocked so ya lets do this I said. As the miles passed I thought about how happy I was to be getting out at all even if it meant no climbing this trip.
We were  met with bright sun and great temps when we arrived, the only question in our mind was what about these boulders? My friends got there gear as I garbed my camera and off to find the trail we went. It was at this point that I realized I had been hear before about 3 years ago. Had it changed? In five minutes I would have my answer.
Rad looking boulder with a big rail.
We were met with great rock of the highest quality and clean boulders. There were high balls and low balls, slabs and overhangs. Even roofs. The people that developed this place have vision and are willing to put in a lot of hard work for sure. I can not say thanks to them enough!!! I moved slowly around the boulders taking photographs is the evening light.
Traversing the lip and loving it.
Trying to stick the exit
Out the 80 degree roof.
I thought this was as steep as it could get hear but no I was so wrong.
Coming out the large roof.

And on to the lip and you have just gotten started.
Great V2ish

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Finishing Jug.
This one looked super fun for sure. Can't wait to get back and climb on it.
At the other end of the boulder a similar problem with a great pocket on it.
I will be heading back soon to try out the boulders in person. I hope the rain stops soon. Keep sending out there.