Thursday, September 29, 2011

West Fork Boulder Adventure

So Eric and I headed up to check out the west fork boulders again on Sunday. We left early to beat the rain but the closer we got the more it was unsure what would happen. It turns out the road was closed so we decited to go searching for more climbing in the area. Well I have to say we found some.
More Rock near the West Fork Boulders.
As well as a clif we found some more boulders. We only managed to get on one before the rain came but it was a fun one for sure.
Eric doing the FA of Liquid Sunshine V4
I also got a problem to the left called Rain Shadow V4/5. In the end we headed back home and hit the home gym for some more training time. I look forward to going back out soon.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunny Day At Larch Boulders

So the last sunny day for a while seamed like a good time to hit the boulders so off to Larch I went. This time would be different because I would be meeting other climbers up there later in the day. I started the day by cleaning of the South Face Boulder and finishing a little trail work. Then it was right on to the climbing. The boulder is about 12' high at the tallest point and about 20' long. It overhangs about 5 degrees.
Hot Butter VB FA South Face Boulder
I did 5 problems on the boulder and there are 3 more to do.
Sun Burn V2 FA South Face Boulder
The line up the middle of the boulder I will have to come back to when I can get a small stump out of the way first. I did try the start moves though.
Where is the Shade V? South Face Boulder
Next was on to the right side and what a fun line it was.
Summer Time V3 FA South Face Boulder

Summer Time V3 FA South Face Boulder

Summer Time V3 FA South Face Boulder
Next a send of the far right end would cap the boulder with a fun V0 on great holds.
Hot Tin Roof V0 FA South Face Boulder
With some nice sends in hand a packed up and headed up the trail to the Leavenworth boulder where I was meeting Eric for some more bouldering action. It was his first time to the Leavenworth boulder so that was cool. I should him the problems and we got to the climbing straight away.
Eric sending Back In The Day V2 Leavenworth Boulder
Eric sending Jump Start V3 Leavenworth Boulder
After some warm ups it was on to harder things. I gave a few goes to my project and maid a little success on the way. Maybe a send next time.
Me on undone v7? Project
Eric on the other hand did well and sent the 2nd accent of Jump Start Sit V5! Congratulations for sure!
Eric Sending Jump Start Sit V5 Leavenworth Boulder
What a great day of climbing with new friends. I hope the rain goes away soon and cool fall temps make room for some sends. Keep climbing out there.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last Saturday we went back up to finish up the Eiger boulder and it's little brother, The South Face Boulder.
South Face Boulder
We got a lot of work done on the trail and most of the big log chopped just as is started to rain. It turned out to be a short day but I hope to get back out soon.
Chopping through the rotten log.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Well Sunday was a day for trail work and one more boulder cleaned. We almost finished the trail down to some new boulders and I finished work on a small bridge over a very big log.
New bridge
Now just one more trip up and I will clean and send the boulders. The lower of the two is 25 feet high. As soon as the heat come in we headed up to the north side to get out of the sun. The afternoon was spen moving about 5 tons of rock and then some cleaning. What a boulder though. Just a little more rock rolling and the last route will be ready.
East Side Cornerstone Boulder

West side Cornerstone Boulder
We sent four problems ranging from V1 to V3 with 3 more left on the boulder. The last three will be harder for sure. Can't weight to get back.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back To Larch

Last night I ran back up to the Leavenworth boulder to try to send one more of the hard projects up there. The temps were pretty good so I warmed up on the usual fun ones and then tried some move on the left project. After several tries i got off the ground which is a new best on this problem. Then it was on to the big project. I have gotten up to about half height before but not all the way. After about 3 goes I just could not stick the crux so I rested and let the sun go down.
Sunset Leavenworth Boulder
Back on to the problem I went and this time stuck the two moves! I mached the ok rail and went for the slopy pinch but no luck and fell. This was a new high point and I was happy for now plus the sun was going down so I thought i would call it a day.
Sunset Leavenworth Boulder
I did the Iron Giant V3 as a cool down because I love the problem so much. What a great Evening.
Until next time keep climbing!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A quick hit to Larch

I headed up to larch in the evening with my father to take in the views. Great weather and no people was the way the day went which made for a great time. I threw in my bouldering gear just in case because I new I was really close on a project on the Leavenworth boulder. When we got to the boulder I warmed up quick and then rested for about 10 minutes.  I guess that was the answer because I sent on my first go! Wow what a climb! My father caught it on film so enjoy. Iron Clad V7 FA
After the send we went up to the Pecos boulders just to look around. I did Andy's Born on the 5th of July V4 second go. Just missed the on-site.
Just one more great day! There are some new climbs up at the top so if you know any beta about them please email me because I am keeping a database on the area. Thanks