Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter Snow at Larch Mt.

A few weeks ago my brother and I decited to head up to Larch to see what it looked like in the snow. What a incredible trip it turned out to be. As if blue skies and very few people was not enought the 2.5 feet of snow on the ground and 3 foot long ice on the boulders just put it over the top.
About half way up and the snow is starting.

The Forester Loving the snow.

Snow crystals

3/4 of the way and there is a lot of snow now.

 Once we reached the Leavenworth boulders the snow was about 2 feet deep on the ground. We post-holed up to the boulder to check things out.
Boulders through the trees.

The Forester at the Leavenworth trail head.

My bro starting up the trail.

Ice on the boulder by the trail.

Black forest boulder.

Black forest boulder.

Leavenworth boulder.

Leavenworth boulder.

My bro by the Leavenworth boulder.

Ice on the boulder!
 Ice snow and steep hard rock made for quite the environment.

The Igor boulder in the distance.

The Igor boulder in the distance.
 We headed on up to the very top next to see the view. There was a little to much snow to drive the whole way so we post-holed the last part.

The upper bouldering area in the background.

View from the top Mt hood and Mt Jefferson

The farthest the car would go on the steep snow with street tires.

Mt Saint Hellins

The steep packed road.

My bro on the top with Hood in the background.
What a great day and adventure.

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