Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rat cave sends.

I was out at the cave the other day to climb with Sam on his last day in Portland for a while. He was close to a send on his project out there and I had not been there for a while so it was going to be a great day. The temps were good and by the time things got rolling there were 20 or so people out there.
Rat Cave Saturday
We warmed up with laps on the warm up and Enchalota then it was time for some projects. I crushed held down but could not get to the send on supper burrito but I was glad for the nice moves. Sam had a good first go on his project and fell of with only a couple hard moves to go. Audrey was there as well and working on Burrito for her first 12b. She came close.

Next it was time for Sam to go for the send again and he fought hard. There were a couple times when I though it might not happen but he stuck with it for the send. Congrats my friend and climb hard on your long trip. Hear is a vid of most of the send.

Sam Send 13c from Tymun Abbott on Vimeo.

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