Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finishing loose ends at Westfork and Enola

A weekend filled with heat and fun climbing. I can not ask for more than that. It all started with a trip back to westfork to try some hard projects. The weather was great but much to hot for my liking. That did not stop me from getting to work on some projects anyway.
Mt Hood on a sunny day.

Gravity boulder
The first one is on the back of the Gravity boulder. A supper hard traverse on small holds and vertical terrain. As I pulled on I new this was going to be very hard indeed.
Magic Carpet project
Managing about 4 moves in and a third of the way was the best I had that day. I think it might be V8 or 9 but time will tell. The next one was on the opposite side of the boulder and steep compression climbing.
Just maybe this one would go.
Supper steep climbing on Down Force project.
Sadly this was not to be either but I was just to tired and it was way to hot. It will go for sure and all that is needed is the right conditions. So this is how day one ended but there was one more day to the weekend.
Tall firs at the top of Enola
A beutifull morning at Enola was a great start. I had not been hear for a while so I was looking forward to climbing very much. Enola is one of my favorite crags anywhere.
View from the top
If you have not had the chance to get out hear it is so worth it. The rock is the best there is and the views are out of site as well as the flowers and general setting.

The goal on the day was to run laps on the classics and see weather I was in shape or not. For this kind of day the main wall is were it all starts.
Looking up the main wall
All and all it was an amazing day and I even got on to Hillbilly Hot Tub 12c which I did the FA of a few years ago. I just love climbing and the outdoors so much.

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