Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More Horse Camp Bouldering

This summer I managed a day of just climbing and no developing. This is rare these days because I like to find new climbs and boulders and work on new projects so much. The area I chose was the horse camp boulders because I like the rock so much there. It is definitely some of the best around and there are great problems to work on. Just as you get to the first area there is a short problem that looks supper fun. It turned out to be much harder than it looked but in the end it went down.

Next it was time to hit up this beautiful arete and boy was it good. I think I climbed it about 3 times just for the fun of it.

Next it was time for some shorter power problems.


Then everything got all upside down but ow so fun. I would like to come back for this project some day.

I finished the day with a great line on some just slightly sloping holds but ow so much good texture.

All in all a great day at the boulders. I was just back this last weekend and it was great in the winter as well. More to come on that later. As always keep sending.


  1. I'm pretty sure Aron sent that roof problem extension. V8/9 I believe he called it.

  2. That's great news. I hope to send it some day as well.