Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ruckel Creek. Three trips and counting. Trip 2

It's a could day in the winter again and my brother wants to head back to Ruckel Creek. I am in of coarse but there is only a couple of hours once we get there. I ask "have you seen the lower falls?" After a strong no we head out from the car park across from the fish hatchery for a second adventure.

Damp Holly Berries
 The nice thing about the lower falls is it is right next to the old highway. Simply walk to the trail head for Ruckel Creek and look over the north side of the road. A quick scramble down on the west side and a nice 40' falls awaits.
Lower Ruckel Creek Falls
Lower Ruckel Creek Falls
Lower Ruckel Creek 
My Brother at Lower Ruckel Creek Falls
After some time at the base we decided to burn the rest of the daylight on the creek above. It was not a lot of time but ow so pretty.
Ruckel Creek
Ruckel Creek
Ruckel Creek
As the sun fell low it was time to go and a BLT from the east wind drive-in was calling my name. Grabbing my camera gear we headed for the car.
Old Highway
Evening Sky

 When we got to cascade locks the sky went wild so the dinner would just have to weight. Sometimes the shots are more important.
Looking toward Washington
Sunset under the Bridge of the Gods
Brother and the sunset
Bring on the color.
Night fell and we had our BLT's. A great little trip and a return for sure as the night lights came into view.

 Hit Ruckel if you get a chance, it is so worth it.

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