Sunday, September 4, 2011

A quick hit to Larch

I headed up to larch in the evening with my father to take in the views. Great weather and no people was the way the day went which made for a great time. I threw in my bouldering gear just in case because I new I was really close on a project on the Leavenworth boulder. When we got to the boulder I warmed up quick and then rested for about 10 minutes.  I guess that was the answer because I sent on my first go! Wow what a climb! My father caught it on film so enjoy. Iron Clad V7 FA
After the send we went up to the Pecos boulders just to look around. I did Andy's Born on the 5th of July V4 second go. Just missed the on-site.
Just one more great day! There are some new climbs up at the top so if you know any beta about them please email me because I am keeping a database on the area. Thanks

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  1. Hey man - I was actually up at Larch Sunday morning. I seem to have left my chalkbag just around the corner from your 2nd video (by the slightly overhanging face with the low chalky sloper and a big fin to the right that looks like it's about to break off). Anyway, if you head up there in the next few days and spot it, please grab it. I kind of am not wanting to spend the gas money to drive out there again.

    2nd - where in that area is the Leavenworth Boulder? Iron Clad looks super fun. Awesome send.