Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back To Larch

Last night I ran back up to the Leavenworth boulder to try to send one more of the hard projects up there. The temps were pretty good so I warmed up on the usual fun ones and then tried some move on the left project. After several tries i got off the ground which is a new best on this problem. Then it was on to the big project. I have gotten up to about half height before but not all the way. After about 3 goes I just could not stick the crux so I rested and let the sun go down.
Sunset Leavenworth Boulder
Back on to the problem I went and this time stuck the two moves! I mached the ok rail and went for the slopy pinch but no luck and fell. This was a new high point and I was happy for now plus the sun was going down so I thought i would call it a day.
Sunset Leavenworth Boulder
I did the Iron Giant V3 as a cool down because I love the problem so much. What a great Evening.
Until next time keep climbing!

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