Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Avoid The Rain Climb at the Sisters Boulders

After years without going, on Sunday i made a trip with the family to the sisters boulders. The 3 hour drive when by quickly and when we arrived it was 65 and partly sunny. Who what a difference in the weather!
Pondarosas in the sun

Sisters Bouldering
The rock at the sisters boulders is the same as smith rocks. Basically it is pockets in welded tuft. Just a short 30 second hike in is all that it takes to get to the boulders witch are 30 foot towers as well as boulders.
Pockets on welded tuft

Pockets and more pockets
We started climbing just to the left of the trail on a 15 foot high boulder to get warmed up. There were 3 problems going up and one long traverse. I managed to onsite them all witch was a goo start to the day.
Onsiteing the traverse

Onsiteing the traverse

Tim climbing the left problem.

Tim trying the traverse
Then it was over to a taller wall with two problems on it that we looked at on the way in. The second was the best and about 20 feet high. It got the hart going a little at the end for sure.
The left most problem

The great problem on the right side.
We headed around the back side for some shorter but harder problems and found a two pocketed arete's and one face with 2 mono pockets on it that looked cool.
The left arete

The right arete
I onsited both of the arete's and then decided to take a quick break before trying the mono pocket problem. I guess my daughter was climbing away the whole time as well.
Grace bouldering
After a change of shoes and some food I gave the mono pocket problem a go and onsited it as well! What a cool problem for sure.
Mono pocket pulling
Next we headed north climbing everything that looked cool on the way. At the end of the day I gave this sick looking short problem a go but there just was not enough left in the tank for the send.
Trying V Hard!
20 problems later we called it a day and headed back to sisters for some dinner and ice cream.
Sisters Oregon

Grace had the Strawberry
No rain at all and 65 degrees made for a great day of bouldering for sure.

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