Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One more success story for the Cascade Boulers

On Sunday last I managed to get away in the afternoon for a quick hit out to the Cascade Boulders. I was hoping to send one of my projects but there was a wet spot on it so no go. I decided to clean off some new boulders so that they would be ready next time it was dry. The first one I cleaned was the powerline boulder. It turned out to have ten problems on it from VB to V3. Two of them were super fun and the surprise was that it dried off so we could climb them all.

Lighting Bolt V2 Power line Boulder
As you can see the temps were great and there was sun all afternoon. After such a nice start to the day we headed next door to clean of a second boulder. This one turned out to be a quick clean and I could not believe what was under the moss. The Surge Protector Boulder. 12 feet high and perfect rock! A great looking arete on the right and a nice VB warm-up on the left with this incredible looking  line up the middle. The question was would it go if I could get the rock dry?
Surge Protector Boulder the line up the middle is Power Surge V4
 So what you are looking at is a sea of very small sloping holds that end 3 and 1/2 feet from the top with very small slooping feet. I started by putting chalk on to everything that might be a hold. After about 10 minutes I brushed it off and used my small brush with chalk in the brissels to get things totally dry. To my surprise about 15 minutes later the holds were ready to go. Now the thought was could I make them work. It all starts with a slooping left hand pinch and a low 1/2 pad crimp in the right. After a few goes I got on tto the rock and thought if I could just get my foot up it might go. The nest try I pulled on and through my foot left foot on high. My mind raced as I realized I had a chance. Now through! Through hard! I was shocked as my hand held on the bad slooper that is on the top. It was a little damp still but I would not let go and through my left hand on. Next thing I new it had gone down!! Wow was my thought. My friend was just as surprised. All said and done it was an incredible line and a great way to end the day. As always leave me a messages if you want to head out with me some time and check things out.

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