Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Hot It's Cold It's Cascade

Well on Friday the 13th of all days I got out to Cascade with my brother who is in town for a week or soo. The weather was good but I was worried about the heat.
Nice Wild Flowers

More Wild Flowers
The flowers were out and the boulders were dry so off to finish cleaning the last boulder in the triplets area. We spent about 1hr finishing Moe and when all was done my brother was not sure what to do.

Climb I said and started getting ready for some FA action.
Starting in on a V2 on the Moe boulder
As it turns out the Moe boulder has 5 problems from VB to V hard. There was a very nice tall line up the north face that went at V3 that I liked the best on the block.
Silent Film V3 FA

That large crimp.
Next it was on the the other side witch gave up a nice V2 with a little dyno.
Hair Tonic V2 FA

Hair Tonic V2 FA

Hair Tonic V2 FA

Hair Tonic V2 FA
Next my brother tried the V2 and got it first go. Very nice for sure.
Bro sends first V2
Since we finished with the Moe boulder I wanted to head out to the main scree area for some more fun. I found some shade to climb in but my brother found the sun. I think that he was ready for the heat after 100 degrees were he lives at home.
Sending a VB he cleaned

Sending a VB he cleaned
Sending a VB he cleaned

I tried some harder lines but no dice in the heat of the day so I cleaned a couple more boulders in the shade and finished the day with six more sends.

I hope all has been well and keep climbing.

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