Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back to the Ropes

Enola is one of my favorite places to climb. I think it is a combination of the great rock and the nice quite location that makes it so nice. Also for me there is the draw of so much new route potential for hard great climbs. The access to the top is very easy for cleaning and top down bolting. A few weeks back I got out there and bolted a line I was looking at last year. It was a banner blue day so conditions could not be better.
View from the top
I raped in and put in the ancor. Hoping for a nice line I bolted this arete and did the light cleaning that it need to be ready for a send.
The climb goes straight up the arete.
As it turns out I think that it is the second best line at Enola. Almost as good as Scorpion barbaque but not quite. The route starts with some nice moves up to a bench and then attacks the arete head on. It all gets harder and harder culminating in some incredible movement right at the end. Aunt Gimima 5.11c one incredible line. So many more to do I look forward to next time out.
Sending Jugalicious 10a

Sending SOTT 10c

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