Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cascade again. Orchard boulders

Spring time weather is always a bit of a challenge so when I get good weather i try to take advantage of it. Cascade boulders are a very large area that has lots of smaller areas in side of it. One of the closest to the road are the Orchard boulders and so this was my choice for some quick bouldering there.
As I headed up the trail the flowers were in full bloom and the fresh green leaves were coming out on the trees. Such a pretty time of year out here. I got right into the bouldering with a send of Cheap Shot a super tricky balance boulder with sloping holds and small feet.
Cheap Shot sit start
sticking the crux toss to a small dimple.
This felt like a nice send but the price was the un cleaned and undone problem to the right on the overhang. I cleaned off the moss and set to work on the moves. The start went down fast but the exit turned out to be the real business. After a few goes I some how made the moves and Vice was born. I am still not sure on the grade for this one as I am getting back in shape but the climbing was super good.
Small toss to the right hand crimp.
Adjust the feet for the throw with the left.
Dyno foot move after slaping with the right hand crux.
The Vice move compress the left and right hands together.
Then the send up the holdless slab exit.
This little gem and more can be found on the east end of the orchard boulders. I will be posting and overview map soon but for now one can be found in Northwest Oregon Rock. The day ended with a beautiful sunset on the way out. What a great little evening bouldering.

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