Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Larch Mountain Bouldering Washington

Silverstar Arete V3 Larch Bouldering North Slope
The bouldering up at larch mountain washington began in earnest around fall 2010 when myself and three other people were shown the potential boulders by a friend and asked if we thought that there was anything to the bouldering there. I have been searching for bouldering in the greater portland area for about 15 years now and what I saw that day got me supper excited. When spring came in 2011 I hit it hard and started putting up problems along with some other people. I will not be mentioning names unless I have there permission to do so. The small groupe did a lot of hard work and developed most of the rock that first year. If your looking for fa's then there is more waiting for you up there for sure.
Full drive to Larch
Larch Mountain Bouldering is 28.5 miles from the east Portland area.  The driving time is approximately 52 minutes to the lower parking area.  As of late 2013 no high clearance vehicles are required to reach the bouldering area.  Access to the bouldering at the very top of Larch Mountain is now hike in only.  Ther four wheel drive road that used to access the top has been gated and closed as of the Spring of 2014.  I consider the gating to be a benefit as it will limit the target practicing in the aea.
Camas driving details
Driving detail
Driving detail
Driving detail
Driving detail
Larch location overview
Lower boulders trail detail
The above image shows the trails to the Leavenworth Boulder and to the Eiger Boulder.  They are above and below the road respectively and can be reached from the same parking area.  Within a short five to ten minute hike all the rest of the bouldering at Larch can be accessed from this parking area.
Upper boulders detail
The bright pink dots in this image represent the locations of just some of the boulders in the upper bouldering areas of Larch Mountain.  The following overview map is also available with more detail in Northwest Oregon Rock.  This book is available on Amazon as well as at REI locations in Portland.  

In the near future a highly detailed guidebook will be available.  This book will be specific to the bouldering areas within a close proximity of Portland.
Eiger Boulder

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