Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lost in some new boulders with my family.Holly Grace and Joy

A few weeks ago I made a trip back to a bouldering area that I was shown in the spring of 2013. Due to an injury I was unable to climb at the boulders that year and could not wait for this spring to get out to them. So when the weather broke my family and I went out for the day. We all had a great time and I sent about a dozen new problems with countless more to go.

Fresh spring flowers were just coming up and there was dew from the cool morning air on the ground. I had seen a waterfall near buy and went to check it out first.
A beautiful falls of about 70 feet. On the way back down to the road I passed some larger firs.
Just below these I came to a boulder that really caught my eye last year. It is incredible and I am glad to report that it is being worked on by some strong people and I hope it goes down.
The den boulder. Pretty sure something spends the winter under this one.
Next my family and I headed down the trail to find some bouldering for all.
Holly Grace and Joy 
Grace gets in on the action.
Joy loves to climb more than I do which is saying something
I decided that the direct line back to the road would be best to find new problems so Grace and I took off. In no time I found some lines to climb.
12 foot slab in the flops is always fun.
This boulder has 8 lines all told on it alone.

The top out on this one proved to be harder than it looked. You are only seeing the top 1/3rd
The boulders are great and the place is huge. Lots of more work to do and info to post soon. Thanks for reading.