Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dog creek. Rugged and beautiful.

I was going through my photo's the other day and came across my folder full of shots of a trip that I took up Dog Creek just east of Dog mountain in Washington. This trip was done in March of 2011 with a lot of water in the creek. We did not get all the way to the top of the drainage but we had a great adventure and saw an incredible canyon.
The loop we took.
Dog creek falls. The starting point.
Climbing the left side of the falls wall.
View looking down from the top.
The creek above the falls.

More drops.
Looking for a way across
We climbed up and through.
Drop after drop.
Looking back down the creek.
Looking onward
Working are way around the next one.
Nice falls!
Just above the falls.
Finally a flat spot but not for long.
The flat part of the creek.
Right around the corner more falls awaited.
We had to go higher to get past this one.
The creek below.
Making our way back down to the creek.
Looking down the creek from the landing.
My friend checking out the way ahead. This would be what stopped us.
The creek dropping and turning the corner.
Lots of water!
Climbing up super steep moss to see the creek above.
Beautiful falls below

The creek continues on.
The drops just above were the creek goes into a narrow slot.
We headed up to go out and the view was great.
The car way below.
Looking south across the gorge on a beautiful winter day.
After this last shot it took some time to work our way past the cliffs and down but we made it without incident. A wild adventure for sure and one to return to with more time.

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