Sunday, March 26, 2017

Deep Forest Bouldering: FA's for the kids.

Out again I went to the boulders in the forest to see what I could find. I like the idea that my kids can climb out doors and find things that suit the size and abilities. When I started climbing a log while ago there was no such thing. Kids did not even have a gym to start in so this meant there were almost no kids climbing. On this day out I found things for my kids and things for me all on the same stone.
Joy eyeing the start holds.
This stone is short for most of the boulders in this area of the woods but this makes it perfect for the little ones to climb on.
Joy wishing she could find feet and climb away from me.
Maybe she will send when she is bigger. Next it was my older daughters turn to give it a try.
First some coaching from dad and a little more cleaning.
Time for her to give it a go.
Thinking about the next foot placement.
Almost there.
And Grace gets the FA of Sleeping Salamander V1

Her eyes lit up and she was so happy! I can't blame her, I love FA's myself. Next on the agenda it was time to get on the send train myself.
One of the few sit starts out hear. It sets up well though.
Nailed the toss first go. FA John Deer V3 SDS

This was a supper fun day with my daughters out in the woods. They got to climb and so did I. Looking forward to some dry weather so we call all go out again.