Thursday, April 6, 2017

Deep Forest Bouldering: Send day new problems.

Cleaning boulders is just part of the process when it comes to new areas and this is even more true in the deep forest of the pacific north west. The great thing about cleaning new boulders means new problems. In this case several new problems on three new boulders. Some of these are projects and some became sends. This first problem consists of starting low on corner and following it to its top.
It starts left hand sloper right hand crimp

Lots of cross overs on this one so the movement is awesome
Stay low and use the friction.
Small seam for left and set up the nest cross.
Pinch and feet up.
Lets do this face.
Dead point to small crimp.
Big toss for the lip.
Stuck it!
Easy to the end... um no.
High step mantel finish is the solution.

Reach for a seam.
High step mantel for the send of Waterloo V3 FA

Enjoy the animation of the send of the problem. This one is a super fun problem.
Waterloo FA V3
The next problem is much easier but super fun. It will be a great on for beginners to work on with a nice flat landing.
Nice big holds up a blunt arete.
Heal hooks and jugs!
An the send is done. V1

Now that the warm ups are done it is time for some hard projecting. This one is just barley there but I did stick the moves. It will be some time before they are put together though. Strong climbers welcome.
Small holds is an understatement.
Bump to a very smooth hold. If I could get my foot up this would go. Could conditions required.

Spring last year came early and dry and I hope the dry weather comes more this year.

Have a great day and get outside soon.