Monday, April 24, 2017

Larch Bouldering: Flowers and snakes.

Spring up on Larch Mt Washington brings flowers and cool temps for climbing. On this trip we had found a new wall and a tall slab to climb on. There are also multiple boulders at the base of this wall so sending some of those was a must as well.
There is about a 15 minute hike in to these and on the way the flowers just keep on coming.

Once there a nice wall about 14 to 18 feet high with some slight overhang is waiting with good rock.
This next set of photos is from a nice line in the middle of the wall. The line is about 15 feet tall and overhangs about 10 degrees.
A couple of quick moves sets you up for an entry dino
Dino time
Big move to a good edge
Almost there
Nailed it.

To this point it is fun and not to hard. The tricky part gets started when you stick the dino.
Undercling time
Looking to set up feet
Super high feet is the key
Really high!
Lock off and bump to a small side pull.
Got it.
Dead point with the left hand now.
Stuck it time for a power climp.
Got it.
Left hand to slopy edge.
From hear it is just stand up tall and jugs to the top.

This problem is super fun and I did it twice just because. After this I had a few salmon berries and then cleaned a problem below this one that looked like it might be a classic.
This climbs up at about a 50 degree overhang on big holds all the way to the top.

So much fun multiple laps were done for sure. Just past this wall is a large slab that is about 30 feet tall and 40 feet wide. The climbing is from VB to maybe V1 but all good with lots of air under the feet.
The Slab
After lots of laps on the multiple problems on the slab this beautiful creature was discovered at the base. I hope he found lots of food. Hopping spring drys out soon keep climbing.