Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to Larch Boulders again

I like the new area up there so much I had to head back right away. This time there was more climbing to do and less cleaning and trail building. We worked on the rest of the landing area for a new boulder and then got right to climbing.
Huckleberry Boulder
This boulder is mainly a large 45 degree overhanging roof with good holds to climb on. The base has lots of Huckleberry bushes by it so thus the name. There turned out to be 2 really incredible lines on that were well worth the work on the base.
Doc Holiday V3/4 FA  T.O. Photo
If you like long moves on steep boulders than this is for you for sure. That last thing I sent on the boulder was a traverse and what a line it turned out to be. Mostly big holds with a lot of pump.
Huckleberry Traverse V4 FA  T.O.  Photo
Huckleberry Traverse V4 FA  T.O.  Photo
What a great end to a great day. As it turns out it was 71 degrees up there and 87 in Portland. If you do make a visit to Larch Boulders and enjoy the bouldering opportunities, do contact me and let me know. If you happen to set up new problems it is especially helpful if you could forward your latest beta so it can be added to the growing database for these sites. This includes Cascade Boulders, and West Fork Boulders as well. Thank you.


  1. What is your email address? I live out on Larch and cant find these boulders? thanks

  2. The boulders are on top of Larch Mountain in Washington. Right on top.

  3. Thank you for the reply! So if I'm on L-1000, which road do i take from there?


  4. The directions on how to get there are in the Northwest Oregon Rock book as well as an overview topo map of the boulders.