Monday, June 11, 2012

Bouldering and the Mountains

Sunday I left the house with all the gear packed. I was not quite sure how the day was going to go so I made sure I had it all. Bouldering pads, pack, rack, cleaning tools, bolting gear, and camera gear just in case. As it turns out the day was a little of everything. Heading out to the cascade boulders was the first order of business so I could check on some reticent sending out there and get the beta all in order. The wild flowers are starting to come out and the trail in was very beautiful.

Medows by the Orchard

I headed straight for the scree area to see what had been done and found some nice looking lines done. I climb one line wich was a nice arete / rail.
Nice arete rail.
After getting the info that I needed I headed out and saw a large grove of flowers on the way out to the car.

The next stop for the day was going to be the Rock Creek crag were I am working on some 12a's and b's but I did not get there. I got distracted by the creek and the flowers and a baby deer about 2 days old.
Can you find him?

He was about 2' long and 1' high.
The drainage is incredible with some nice waterfalls.
Rock Creek

Rock Creek Falls
Seeing how it was about mid afternoon I thought that a view out would be nice to end the day so I when for some alpine fun and a short hike.
The view from the car.

The destination

From the parking spot that I chose.

Looking north.
By this time of year there should be a lot of wild flowers out but not so much yet this year. There were how ever avalanche lilies all over.

Beautiful back light.

So many and some Trillium's as well.

Some nice views from the top and it was time to call it a day. What a great day to be out side.
Mt Hood

Mt St Hellins, Mt Rainier, and Mt Adams
 Well a great end to a great day. More climbing to come. Hope you all got out as well.


  1. Very Nice Pictures, Tymun... what trail is that?

  2. The boulder you pictured has "Pinchers of power" v2 on the lower left side sitting down with your hand on the rail and your left on the tiny crimp below, go up and mantle. The lip to the left is a nice traverse cleaned off in the process. Behind these on the boulder over the pit is "slick shoes" starting on the boulder below and dynoing up to the lip of slick shoes is the V3. the other problems are next to this

  3. I'm super interested in checking this place out! It's really good to see new development in Oregon. How does one get the beta or an invitation?

  4. Wednesday night I will be out there. Drop me a line on Facebook.