Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting My Alpine FA On

So who remembers that 100+ day we had not so long ago. Hot is the word and I went out climbing. Lucky for me it was to a new area off the grid and way up high. Lets just say that 70 and shade with a nice breeze was the weather. Alpine flowers every wear and a nice quite day.
View from the car parking spot.

Paint Brush In Bloom

Wild Flowers Everywhere
My day started early at 6:30am and I picked up my friend at 7:30am. By mid morning we were at the crag and looking up in awh.
Crag in the distance.

A side crag about 80' high.
Was this it I asked? No keep going was the answer. I had to turn off the urge to get out and run up the hill and keep the car going forward. Suposibly what was just ahead was even better. The truth is it was.

The goal for the day.
I stopped the car and pushed my jaw back up! Wow. Boulders and cliff all in one! Quickly finding the parking spot I stopped and took a couple photo's.

The cliff from the car.
Once the hike up started it was 3 minutes to the base of the large wall. 180' in all. Hear is a size shot with my friend under the overhanging boulder for scale.
That boulder is all overhangs.
From the base I captured a few more shots of the area.
The car so far away.

The view

Looking the other way.
We did end up getting a route in but it will be some time before there is much to climb because of the work that it takes just to get one climb done. Also there are pockets of loose rock so the climbing at the moment is bold for sure. All in all the day was incredible and I got to go to a place I had never seen before. Also when I headed home I stopped at an ice cream shop in a town and it was 100 degrees out! So clad I missed that. Enjoy the photos and some day I will let the cat out of the bag when there is something to climb on for all.
Friend getting the 2nd accent.

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