Monday, September 3, 2012

Finding more boulders.

The search is always on when it comes to new rock of any form but a couple of weeks ago it was the boulders that I wanted to find. So off to explore some places that I had seen potential before was the plan for the day. Great weather and sun was the call for the day and I could not weight to hit the rocks if there were any to find.
Zebra Boulder
 A nice 12 foot boulder was the first one I cam to with great rock so I put the pad down and started in.
A nice v2 up the overhang

A nice v2 up the overhang

 Problems were on all sides and it turned out to be a great warm-up boulder to get the blood going and the fingers ready for pulling. On the back side was a tall slab.
VB Slab
As I looked around from the top I saw the next boulder and headed off in that direction. When I got there it was even taller and had some harder lines waiting for me.
Zion Boulder
This boulder was a bit bigger and had some real gems on it. I started with some problems on the backside.
Nice powerful V2

Nice powerful V2

A V3 to the right.

Steep with good holds
 Around to the front I went to take on the big overhang.
Tall V3
An easy start leads to a tall and committing move out the bulge with a nice mantel to finish things off. Then it was on to the right arete for some fun on the jugs.
V1 at its best.
I found more boulders but was out of time for today so maybe next time. I am looking forward to it for sure.

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