Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cascade Boulders and run

I only had about 3 1/2 hours of daylight after work and had not climbed with a friend of mine in a long time so we headed out to the cascade boulders for a quick session  We got there about 4:30pm and went to the orchard boulders for a quick warm-up. I should him the area and we got right to work on the climbing.
Sam on Black Rasbeary

Sam On Black Rasbeary
After the warm-ups we hit the Black Rasbeary and the other problems on the Blackcap Boulder. There are some great problems on this one but the traverse is my favorite.
Sam On Rasbeary Gnosh

Sam On Rasbeary Gnosh

Sam On Rasbeary Gnosh
Then it was time to show him some more of the areas so off to the main boulders just south of the power lines we went. The Cascade boulder was the destination and we played on the clasic BLT V4 to end our day. Hooked up with a low traverse in from the right it makes a great V5.
Me on the FA of BLT.
It got dark to fast and we wish we had more time but that is the time of year it is. I am looking forward to adding lots of problems this fall to the area and putting out an update to the overview map of the area. Thanks for reading and keep climbing.

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