Friday, September 7, 2012

Rock Creek with sends in mind.

I have been heading up to Rock Creek crag in Washington the last few weekends in hopes of finishing some of my projects up there. I love the climbing on clean vertical rock and the views are great from the crag. I always seam to be up there with only two people so I do not get pics of the climbing but hear are some shots of the creek.

The creek is quite pretty at low water as well as high water. As far as the projects go I have been trying a 12b that is super solid and has some very tricky moves. The crux comes at the top but the route is hard right off the deck. I feel like I am getting super close and might send next go.
Western Skink
At the end of the day last two weeks ago I put up a new route there witch climbs a double arete up a column. The crux is three dead-points slapping your way up the arete's. I almost sent on a flash attempt but was just to tired after working on the 12b. This new one goes at 12a and might be the most fun. There are now 6 12s at rock creek and also a lot of moderates. I still see some more lines that I want to send up there as well so I hope I can get them done before the weather turns.

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