Sunday, September 16, 2012

Superman - The Project Falls

This story starts quite some time ago on a hill in the afternoon sun. I was out looking for new boulders and saw some good ones. The question was could I get to them. As it turns out I did get to them that day and sent one new problem. A traverse called Spyderman was born and I thought I hope there is more like this hear. Well as the sun was setting I found one of the best boulder lines I have ever seen in this area. With out a second to loose I hoped on hoping for the quick send but it was not to be. The holds were big but the line was upside down and so pumpy and core intense. Well maybe next time was the thought. It just so happens that next time was years later and last weekend. It all starts with the warmup's and there are some nice ones up there.
Superman V6
I ran up a few tall V0's and a V3 to get things working and then set in on the task at hand.

After a few tricky tall slabs it was on to the pumpy warm-ups. Mr Incredible was found and is one of the most fun boulder problems ever. Large jugs on steep rock the whole way.

Now it was time for Superman. It took me a couple goes to figure out the feet again but then it was time for some hard pulling. The problem is all about pig lock-offs on supper steep rock with some long throws in there as well. All said and done I sent on my third go! Enjoy the video.

Superman V6 Superhero Boulders from Tymun Abbott on Vimeo.

The sun went down on day one but I was coming back for more for sure. Overcast was the call for day two but a lot more rock was left to send so I headed back in. It all started on a nice looking block of stone with some small holds on it. After making a better landing three nice problems came out.

Two problems on the face are V5 and the one on the left side is V3. I also tried the traverse but could not put it all together. I think it will be a V6 when done. Next it was off to a nice long boulder with some great traverse options on it.

I got 15 more problems put up on the second day out. The rock is so clean that you just show up and climb. Hear are a few more shots of some of the climbing.

A nice fun V0 traverse and the next one is a cool sit start V2.

To end the day I did a little dyno up the middle that came in at a nice V2 as well.
Well I will be heading back again to finish things up but until then keep on sending out there. It has been a great start to the fall climbing season and I hope it keeps up.