Friday, October 23, 2015

Cascade Bouldering Update

Rain, the one thing that stops climbing. It was coming down in Portland bit we wanted to go climbing anyway. I filled the car with every kind of climbing gear and headed out to the gorge to see what I could find. When I arrived at cascade locks things we dry so I decided to hit an area that I have not been to for a couple of years. It's not that there is not a lot of boulders to develop at cascade boulders but I got distracted with other things.
We headed up the trail to the orchard boulders and found a thin covering of moss on all the problems. This is the northwest and things grow fast. Because of the moss we could only climb on a couple of boulders and so we headed onward. When I reached the power lines I noticed a small trail heading to the left and some recently cleaned boulders.
Click to enlarge image.
All the lines that I did were sit starts but still fun. The middle V1 is a nice lie back arete and the V0 on the far right is supper nice as well. Thanks a lot to who ever cleaned and developed this little group of boulders. This map shows the lines that I did while I was hear.
This is the overhang just left of center. Fun dead points between great holds.
Pulling the lip
Topping out.
I must have done the arete about 8 times. The feel of the balance was very nice on that one.
Working my way up the arete.
My brother was there and had some fun with us as well. He has been climbing more lately and is getting better all the time.

We both can't stop smiling.
On one of the problems he was having a little trouble putting the first moves together so with a little coaching the send went down.
Beta and one more try.
Sending and smiling.
We had a great time out and climbed till the rain came and sent us back to the car. I just climb for the fun of it and like great rock of all sizes. Over the years I have climbed from the one move wonder boulder problems to the 35 foot high balls and love them all. This last sequence is of the boulder on the far right side of the topo image.

One more lap and one more smile.
Looking forward to the next adventure and the next boulder whatever size they may be.