Sunday, October 18, 2015

Deep Forested Bouldering; A northwest staple.

Hear in the northwest it's not that we do not have boulders out in the open but that we have a lot of boulders in the deep forest. I feel that one of the cool things this brings to bouldering is the feel that you have been transported to a different land. Because of this I feel that the boulders we find are like hidden jewels that can be seen from the road our the air. This in turn for me adds to the coolness of climbing experience.
Aqueduct V3 Crux at the start 20' high.
Aqueduct starting through the middle section on incredible pockets.
Aqueduct enjoying the pocket ride on this supper classic.
Aqueduct Setting up for the final crux 20' off the deck.
Aqueduct a small shallow pocket with a big move to the slooper top guards the exit.
Aqueduct just commit to the small feet and ignore the long drop and the send is assured.
Aqueduct is an incredible line that combines supper small feet that stick well with pockets that are just good enough. Then when you thinks its all done and your mind is starting to think about the height it brings a great exit move to spice things up. On the opposite end of this boulder is a line that focuses not on difficulty but on full value spice.
Centurion V2 is a harder start into Roman Empire V0
Finishing the crux of Centurion
This is the connection move between the two problems.
Continuing on Roman Empire a delicate dance to the top.
Roman Empire commands lots of balance and commitment.
It's setup time for the crux of Roman Empire.
A full commitment smear with worthless hand holds at 20' up!
Just trust the feet and go!
Roman Empire is an incredible line that brings all the great things of climbing in at a very reasonable grade. Looking for to the next thing that I find in the deep forests for the north west.