Thursday, October 15, 2015

Larch Mt. Washington: So much more to send.

Larch Mt in Washington, every time I go back up there looking for more boulders I find them. On this trip there was beauty and bouldering.

As we walked in the wild flowers were blooming and the closer we got to the small bouldering sized buttress we could see the more of the flowers there were.

Once we arrived at the small cliff band it was better than expected. About 18 ft high and with three sections offering a nice selection of new boulder problems to tackle. I quickly sent the warm-ups and moved on to the steeper looking lines.
Entering into the harder climbing.
Knee-bar found and into the small side-pull crimp.
Feet up and big throw to a small crimp.
Right hand up, now what?
Unfortunately I missed the next move and came down. After a quick study though I was back on for a send go.
Stuck the throw for the crimp.
Will this work after all it is a big move.
Bam! Success!
A great problem is born on steep great rock! On to the next one. To the right of this line I found a the next gem.
After a start move it's quickly into the big moves.
Match and go again.
A smaller selection this time.
Pinch throw the feet up and send to the top.
About ten new problems went down that day and I will be back for more.