Friday, May 11, 2012

Cascade & Bridge Of The God's

Sunday was so nice that I had to hit the cascade boulders so I gave my good friend Brian a call and we hit the road. First stop was the newly discovered Box spring Boulder. A nice overhang and 2 minutes from the car.
Brian on Queen Size V2
We sent 5 new lines from VB to V4. Next it was off to do some climbing on clean rock so I took Brian to the Orchard boulders and we sent our way through the group. I felt really good so I got on my traverse project on the Banana boulder and sent it first go. One more V5 to through into the mix. Next I took a few more goes at the really hard line on the left side of the boulder. The lines is 3 moves long but they are incredible hard and very desperate.
At the start.

Sticking the first move for the first time ever. Maybe this thing will go.
Not one to want to were myself out we headed on to the forest boulders and finished up on some classics. Brian even got the second ascent of a V4! What a great day out and in the perfect sunshine.

Day two was hit the Bridge of the Gods Boulders aka (BOG) boulders. I had been out to this area 3 times before but not for a long time and had not done any climbing yet. My wife and daughter got in the car and off we went. My daughter did a small climb and had a great time in the sunshine.
Grace and Holly and one cool boulder.
I have to say that the BOG boulders are incredible. They do have poison oak around but the rock and the climbing is incredible. There are not that many warm-ups but that's ok.
The boulder right above the last one with an incredible line out the middle.
Can't weight to go back and get in a full day out there. So much rock and so little time.
Sending the left side of the boulder above.
Well it looks to be great weather this weekend so I will be out in the woods doing more bouldering. Have a great weekend all.

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    Could you please contact me about access to several of these bouldering areas? I'd like to take my two kids, but I can't seem to find detailed information on how to get there. Thanks! I'm at vinceschreck at I appreciate it!