Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Night in the Boulders

I got home from work on Thursday night and thought it would be a great night for some bouldering. There was a new line that got put up on some boulders I new about that sounded cool, and I was excited to climb on something that I had not cleaned for a change. Out at the boulders I hit the trail in about 5:15pm and arrived at the boulder in question around 5:30 or so.

It was very obvious wich one it was and that a lot of cleaning had all ready taken place on the boulder. I would like to thank Jaime for all the hard work and the nice line that came from it all. After some more cleaning on other problems it was time to get in some climbing before dark. There line was first and what a great line it was. Deadpoint President V4

Comeing off a nice send I got on a line to the left. Nice fancy foot work and a cool start were the name of the game.
Stone Cold V3
Stone Cold V3

Stone Cold V3 toe hook

Stone Cold V3 go for the gold.
The evening came to a close with more sends on this boulder and the one next door the best of witch was a line on the west side of the Big Brother boulder. The line looked incredible from the start and I could not wait to try it after I got it all clean. It was just to dark for any good photo's so I will get some for the next post. It is one of the best lines out there for sure. Well it is time for some breakfast and then off to the boulders. Have a great climbing day to all.

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