Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bridalveil Creek. Back and more determined than ever.

One month after the first visit to Bridalveil creek we were back and ready to not stop until the falls was found. This time up we parked about 1 mile up palmera road from the old columbia river highway. There is a small pullout just before a hard left hand turn that will accommodate about 3 cars. Back in 2008 this was all grass and there were no signs of anything anywhere. As we left the car behind and made our way through the forest we tried to stay on the ridge as it went toward the creek. This worked out well and kept us high just long enough to see the top of the falls. As we inched closer to the edge this is the view we received.
Upper Bridalveil Falls
Descending into the creek was not possible right hear so we headed about 100 feet north and then found our way down using ferns and vine maple to help with the steep terrain. Once at the bottom we found the creek was running on bedrock which made for a very cool looking creek.
Middle Bridalveil Creek
We made our way along the edge of the creek and up to a better view of the waterfall.
Upper Bridalveil Falls November 2008
Further around the corner and a little up hill I found my favorite spot to view the falls and photograph it from. We stood hear for quite some time to take it all in.
The real Bridalveil Falls
After about 1/2 hour we started making our way back up out of the canyon. I could tell that there was a small falls above this one and started thinking about my return even before I ever got back to the car. Next up the adventure continues.

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