Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bridalveil Creek. Back with friends.

As the weekend came near a couple of friends and I wanted to hit a hike. One of the suggestions was Bridalveil creek and because it fit the time frame well we headed up. At this time it had been 7 years since I first went in and 5 years since I last saw things. I was very excited to see what things looked like after all this time so this made things exciting for me. My friends had never been in the canyon before. When we got to the first falls you can see it from far above.
Bridalveil Falls from above
At this point we were following a well traveled trail which was not there at all last time I was in hear. We followed it to a very steep down hill with a small black cord to help I guess but it was much to small to be of any use so we just made our way down. Once on the creek my friends found a log to walk and get a better view of the falls while I went up stream.
I noticed there was a lot of water in the creek this time and I could not get as close as I had in the past for a picture but I got some nice views of the falls anyway. Setting my tripod up in the middle of the creek was best.
Bridalveil Falls Upper
Bridalveil Creek
Upper Bridalveil Falls
After some time admiring the falls we decided to head down the creek bed to the next falls if we could get there. The creek runs over solid basalt in nice wide terraces as it goes down stream.
Upper Bridalveil Creek
A couple hundred feet down stream we came to a spot were the whole creek went into a shoot. I had never seen this before. While this was great it did stop us from going any further down the creek.
The shoot
Leaving the creek bed we headed up the steep hill to get around the shoot and on the way up there was a nice log to walk.
From a small overlook we could see the top of the next falls and the creek below.
Bridalveil Creek
At this point we decided to head back to the car and drive to the bottom of the creek on the old highway and head up stream from there to the lower falls. The trail was so much better than before and the trilliums were in full bloom.
Looking up Bridalveil Creek
There was a nice little trail heading up the creek now with almost no brush in the way at all. This made it a quick trip into the lower falls. Last time I was up hear it was a bushwack the whole way.
Middle Bridalveil Falls
Notice how much mist there was coming from the falls. So much water coming down the creek this time around. We when above and below for both views and took in the whole scene.
My friends enjoying the creek and the falls
I still love this drainage and all its interesting drops and runs. Until next time keep exploring.

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