Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bridalveil Creek. News of more waterfalls.

After my first two trips into Bridalveil creek I heard that there were more waterfalls in the creek to find. This of course meant I had to go back and find these falls to see what I was missing. For this trip we parked on the columbia river highway just past the bridge over Bridalveil creek and headed into the woods and down to the creek. The plan was to just walk up the creek and see what we ran into on the way. Getting in the water was not an option because it was February of 2009 and very cold out.
Looking down at Bridalveil Creek from the bridge.
Vine Maple, Salmon berry, and Devil's club was the norm.
As we went up creek we found some openings hear and there but for the most part the brush was thick and the going slow. We noted that the forest up high looked better and decided to take that way back if we found the falls. A little while later we came to see a nice fall coming from a side creek down into the main creek. It looked like a very nice ice climb if conditions came in.
Side falls into Bridalveil Creek.
Just a couple minutes later I could hear the sound of a much bigger water fall and started to get excited about what we might see. Because of the way the creek makes a last minute turn you can not see the falls until it is right on top of you. I think I was most impressed with how close this got you to the falls.
Middle Bridalveil Creek Falls
My father at Middle Bridalveil Creek Falls
Middle Bridalveil Creek Falls
Note the cable in the background. I think this is left over from the logging days of old. As I stood out on a rock in the middle of the creek I looked for other photography options around me. There were some great shots to be had. Also note the snow in the pictures.
Middle Bridalveil Creek
Middle Bridalveil Creek
Middle Bridalveil Creek
Color contrast
We noticed a small bench that the cable was coming off of and decided to try and get up on it. A short but steep scree got us up to the bench and a different view of the falls all together. This is what makes this falls special for sure.
View of the falls from the bench.
After a few moments up on the bench we headed back toward the car by going up slope into the trees to get out of the brush. Once we got up the slope it was a quick trip back to the car. The sun was going down so I took the old highway home and was rewarded with sunset from crown point to end the day. There is more to this story so check back for the next segment.
Looking north east from crown point
Looking west from crown point.

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