Monday, April 7, 2014

Bridalveil Creek. Back to middle falls.

When my brother came to town I told him about Bridalveil creek and he wanted to go. It was February 2009 and by the time we got started from town time was short so we just headed into the middle falls. The main difference I noticed on this trip was that there was kind of a faint path to follow that stayed on the creek. It was not a trail for sure but just a little easier to get through then before. When we got to the falls the water was up. Great conditions for photographs.
Middle Bridalveil Falls
Middle Bridalveil Falls
After some time below we had to go up top for a view from above.
Middle Bridalveil Falls from above
As we made our way back down to the creek the sun was going down and I got the shot of the day as the pink form the clouds reflected of the water in the creek.
Sunset on Bridalveil creek
We bashed our way out quickly and got back to the car just as complete darkness took its hold. Six years would go by before I went back but this time I would bring new friends and family.

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