Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bridalveil Creek. The next Generation

A few weeks ago I noticed I had the morning free and decided to take my daughter hiking with me. She is very young and so I wanted to take her somewhere cool with a short trail she could enjoy. Also there was the weather thing coming in but I don't worry about that to much. It is only rain after all. I decided on Bridalveil falls and so we headed out. Our first stop was at Multnomah Falls for a quick picture with the hole in the bridge but the mist was to much so I left there and headed to the main goal.
Multnomah Falls
On the way to Bridalveil a quick stop at Wahkeena falls for a pic our two was needed so I jumped out and snapped a few shots. There was not a lot of people so this was my motivation.
Wahkeena Falls
Wahkeena Creek
There was a nice patch of snow there as well which was a different thing to see.
After this we made it quick to Bridalveil and headed down the trail at my daughter's pace. It made for a very relaxing hike and we had a lot of fun in the process.
Grace on the bridge
Yes that is a backpack and it has things in it because she wanted to do things right. I am prowed. On this hike I tried to think of different views of the falls then most are used to seeing.
Bridalveil Creek
Bridalveil Falls
This last shot is incredible in the fall on a rainy day. After a little time spent hear we headed back down the trail and then on north not going back across the bridge. This is were the creek gets interesting.
Bridalveil Creek
Bridalveil Creek
Bridalveil Creek trapped log.
Some of my favorite views are from down hear. The bridge comes into play as well from down hear to, and it is always nice to leave the trail even if only for a little while.
Bridalveil Creek
Time was going by so we headed back to the trail and Grace wanted a picture on the bridge.
Bridalveil Creek with Grace
One last new look at the falls then up the trail toward the car.
Bridalveil Creek
Grace said it was time for a break because thats what you do so we took one for a moment and then off we went.
I am always amazed by some thing every time I get out and this time it was seeing the first Trillium of the season. It was the only one we could find anywhere at the time which made it super cool.
Just as we got into the car the rain started painting the windshield. I guess that means good by to the creek for now but it was a short goodbye as I soon took my friends to the falls above for a great day.

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