Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to Larch Boulders

I was thinking about some boulders up at Larch that I had heard about but not seen yet and thought it was time to head up and check them out. The temp for the day was going to be hot so I thought that the east side of the mountain would be nice. My friend told me there would be some trail to cut through the forest so I through in some tools for that as well. With things all ready to go we headed up the mountain for some bouldering.
When we got to the new area we started cutting trail right away. As it turns out there are little areas of scree with small sections of brush in-between them so it was the brush that had to go. In the end we cut trail for 5 hours but the boulders were so worth it!! The one above is about 14 feet high and overhung on all sides. My friend did a problem on this boulder but I focused on a different one.
Silver Boulder Larch Mt. Boulders
This boulder overhangs about 30 degrees for the first 7 feet and then finishes with about 5 degrees of slab for 10 feet. There are three nice problems on the boulder.
The Loan Ranger V5 FA   T.O. Photo
All in all it turned out to be a great day with some great bouldering. I did leave the sit start to a hard problem undone. Maybe next time. Please email me if you want to head out to any of the bouldering sites.

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