Friday, August 12, 2011

Larch Bouldering

On Saturday I headed out to Larch Mountain in Washington to go bouldering. I have been up there before and really liked the rock and area. I have been focusing on a boulder we call the Levenworth boulder witch has some incredible lines on it.
It is about 30 feet long and from 8 to 18 feet high and overhung. The rock is hard andusite with nice holds.
Back In The Day V2  T.O.  Photo
I have been working my way across the boulder doing FA's. First the stand start the the sit if it fits. This day I did some trail work and cleaned the rest of the boulder plus started on the boulder below this one. It is like a 1 minute hike from the car for this one.
To Much Fun V3   T.O. Photo
After some warmup's I hit the project witch was to send the sit start to Iron Giant V4 witch I had done the Thursday before. It took 4 tries and a fall from about 12 feet but it when't down and was incredible. What a day.
Iron Giant Sit FA V6  T.O. Photo
Hear is a video of the FA of To Much Fun V3
Can't wait to get back because there is so much good stuff to do up there.


  1. Do you have directions/topo?

  2. I provided information on the bouldering in the NW Oregon Rock guide book.