Tuesday, August 2, 2011

West Fork Bouldering

A friend called me last week and said I found a new bouldering spot with some nice large boulders. He said that no one had ever been there and there could be some first accents with a little cleaning. I thought great so on Friday I got off early and headed out. The boulders are located on the uphill side of Lolo pass road just past the junction of Lost Lake road as you are heading south.
I was supper excited right away. The rock is hard andusite and is 8 to 20 feet high boulders. I cranked of six boulder problems form VB to V4 on just one boulder and explored for a couple hours.
FA Apple Turnover V2 Prairiedale Boulder  T.O. Photo
FA Cherry Jubilee V3 West Fork Boulders Prairiedale Boulder  T.O. Photo

I can't wait to head back soon.

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