Friday, August 5, 2011

Cascade Boulders

Last Saturday i went back to a area that I had visited and done some new boulders at about 3 years ago. This time my friend had done a lot more exploring there though and said there was some great potential so off we went to see what the fuss was about.

This area was close to where I had been before but not the same. The hike in was about 15 minutes on flat ground. The boulders are in a scree area as well as in the woulds with flat landings.
BLT V4 FA Cascade Boulder   T.O. Photo
The boulders range from short to 15 feet tall. The rock is incredible and it is in a quite area witch is really cool. There was a lot of moss on the boulders though but we found that it would just roll of in one large mat witch made cleaning easy.
Stearweeller V5 FA Pocket Boulders  T.O. Photo
We cleaned 8 car size boulders in an hour. The above traverse is incredible. At the end of the day I had one last problem to do that I had cleaned and it looked hard but doable. I looked over the problem and figured out what to do then just as i put some force into the starting right hand hold it broke away leaving nothing! I rethought the problem and pulled on for a harder but possible send but my left foothold broke off and I thought now what.
Persaverince V6 FA Pocket Boulders  T.O. Photo
I gave it a go on the much smaller foothold and after a couple goes hit the moves almost to the end. Time to get on the real rock shoes (Mirua VS) for a send. Just as i stepped on the last little bit of the left foot crumbled away. I was determined so I saw there was a dime edge left and thought just send this thing. Next thing I know I am on top and thrilled. What a great end to the day.

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