Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last Saturday I headed out to TLC with some friends. I have not been there for about a year so it was nice to head back again.
East side of Mt Hood
The weather was incredible so I new it was going to be a great day for sure. After some warmup's I flashed an 11c called Shanti and thought this just might be a great day for climbing.
Sam on a Warrior 10d
Next we headed over to a diffident part of the wall to work on some climbs we had not been on yet.
Sam flashes 12b
I did little buddy on tr because I had been on it before and had a good solid run. Next I thought I would try a 10d to the right a little ways but came off just one move from the easy climbing because I was to pumped to move any more.
Just some nice looking rock.
I thought that would be the end of my day but after a some rest i gave a 12a a go on tr and sent. Nice finish to a day of climbing.
Little Buddy

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